Ancient Olimpia  Excursion

Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of Olympic Games

Altough secluded near the west coast of the Poloponnese,Olympia became the nationwide as the most important religious and athletic center .Olimpic Games ,an institution with nationwide tradiation and glare from antquity unil today ,were held there every four years in honor of Zeus .The Olimpic flame is lit every four years until it travels to the contry where the Olimpic Games will be held .During your next city break ,you can do with our help.,walk to these historical pleaces ,no feel the awe and majesty ,but also to see............

  • The Hermes of Praxiteles
  • The Victory Paionios
  • The sculptual decoration of the Temple of Zeus and Museum of Ancient Olympia

Duration of tour 8 hr.

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