2  Days Delphi-Meteora monasteries 

Meteora in the morning is the most magical experience ,that you have experienced .It looks  like you are nowhere and everywhere!Around your seranity ,natural beauty that stands out juast because no one had dared to intervene ,and tranquilitythat stems from both the land itself and religious reference of the place .Besides the name ,the word hovering is not accidental means ''floating'This is how are the monsteries the impressive rocks of Meteora .

Meteora monasteries on mounailtops are high on the list of the most popular attractioons  of Greece.The six monasteries are open to the publicand one can stay overnight in Kastraki or Kalambaka.Of the 24 monasteries today operate six while the remaining 15 are uninhablted and dilapidated.

  • The sacred spring of Castalia Fountain
  • The temple of Apollon
  • The Athena Pronaia Dome and the Treasure of the Athenians 
  • The Sacred Way leading to the site of the altar
  • The ancient stadium and the ancient theater of Delphi
  • The Archeological museum

Keep in mind that you will enjoy a special privite trip,with many options and rich cullinary delights at local restaurants.

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